Lower Hay Lake Watershed and Water Quality

Watershed map for Lower Hay Lake
Provided by the MN DNR
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What you need to know about the Lower Hay Lake Watershed...
  • Ecosystem of the watershed includes: lakes, streams, forest, farms and residential and commercial/business districts.
  • Activities occurring upstream affect Lower Hay Lake.
  • Forested land catches and absorbs rainfall, filtering out sediment and nutrients as it sinks below the water table.  The more forested land around a lake the less unfiltered rainfall will run into the lake. 
  • Hay Creek is another major filter for the lake, but also a significant carrier of potential contaminants.
  • Lower Hay Lake TSI (Trophic State Index) = 42.  Upper Hay Lake TSI = 49-50.  Every change of 1 in the TSI indicates a 10% increase in algae and similar water quality reducers.
  • A lake needs 75% of its watershed covered in forest to have a good water quality (per MN DNR).
  • Be aware of activities and changes in and around the watershed - what you put on your lawn ends up in the lake.